Happy 2019!

For members looking to become more involved in our efforts this coming year, we’re invite you to engage in the following areas:

  • Promote Passive: submit your projects to participate in our Summer or Winter Open House Days via our website form here: http://www.passivehousecal.org/register-your-project-phca-open-house-days.
  • Outreach: our newsletters and social media efforts require a significant commitment of time that our Board could use some help on. If you’d like to contribute, please email us at: info@passivehousecal.org.
  • Policy and Codes Task Force: We’ve been gaining steam in these efforts but want to expand our reach. We’re in the final throes of working with PHI to add all sixteen of California’s climate zones to the PHPP. We see many future opportunities ahead to work with local and state-level policymakers to help them improve building performance outcomes. Contact Beate Kirmse to join this effort via treasurer@passivehousecal.org.
  • PHPP Users Meetup: a group of PHCA members have requested that we convene a regular PHPP users group, starting at the end of January. To join or find out more about this group, email us at events@passivehousecal.org