2017 Board of Directors Candidates

The following candidates have submitted statements:



My name is Nick Young, and I would be very excited to serve as a Passive House California Board member.
At the Association for Energy Affordability (AEA), I work to improve the energy efficiency, comfort, durability, and environmental performance of multifamily buildings across California. As Passive House becomes more integrated in the CA Low Income Housing Tax Credit regulations, I am excited to bring Passive House principles to more of our projects.
In the coming year, I will be working with Passive House Academy and NAPHN to start serving as a local Passive House trainer for the upcoming CPHC/D classes.
I am motivated to become a member of the PHCA Board to bring a fresh set of eyes and ideas to our work, and help expand our impact, particularly in the areas of training, advocacy, and online presence.
I would be honored to receive your vote for a place on the PHCA Board.
Thank you!



I was born, raised and educated in France. I graduated with a Master in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and a Master in Sales & Marketing. I worked in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry in various Sales & Marketing positions for local and export markets for 10 years, in France, Switzerland and the US.
In 1999, I co-founded Reservit, an Internet hotel reservation system, which became one of the leading solutions in Europe. I sold my shares of the business before moving to the U.S. in July 2015 where my wife is from.
During the transition period, in 2014, I passed the Certified Passive House class from the Passive House Institute. I discovered the Passive House standard in 2009, just after I finished building our dream house in France, acting as the General Contractor. Even if the architecture of the project was what we expected, I realized that the efficiency could, and should, have been improved by far to fight the climate change. Taking the passive house class made it clear to me everything we should have done. It also made me a passionate Passive House advocate.
I am now working on the Perlita House in Los Angeles, adapting the Passive House concept to Southern California’s climate and finding the products to make the concept affordable and reproducible for this climate zone.
I also realized the relation between the California Net Zero Goal and the Passive House standard and how Passive House is the best guide line for construction even in Southern California; The Perlita House had to meet with the Passive House standard in order to reach Net Zero Energy (with no fossil fuel).
In 2016, I was happy to be able to bring my first contributions to the Passive House cause:
- After I met with Mitsubishi Electric last May, the company decided to launch a new small 1-ton Heat Pump split system with high available static pressure for proper air distribution in all the rooms. The first unit will be used on the Perlita House.
- I organized a launch party during Greenbuild Expo last October to introduce PHCA’s new book on California’s Passive Houses. Since the launch party was a success, the first Los Angeles Passive House Consultant training will be hosted in 2017 at the prestigious Gensler architectural firm.
I am looking forward to continuing to actively contribute in the promotion of the Passive House movement in California, working with architects, development firms, contractors, schools, utility companies and officials to make Passive House the new building standard.     



I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany and have received my Master of Architecture degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Cottbus. I came to the U.S. as a Fulbright Scholar and received a Master Degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech. I am a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Architektenkammer Berlin, LEED Accredited Professional, and licensed architect in California and Germany.

I have over twenty years of international experience in the architectural profession with the planning of various building types in the U.S., Germany, Italy, Malaysia and Costa Rica, including commercial buildings, museums, theaters, high-rise construction, religious and community projects as well single and multi-family residential buildings, and have been invited as guest lecturer at numerous international conferences.

I am a founding principle of PARAVANT Architects, headquartered in Los Angeles,
California, which has its first Passive House under construction in Culver City. Upon completion the house will showcase how comfortable, efficient, and sustainable Passive Houses can be while maintaining an affordable budget. This new single family house, which I am building as my own family’s home, will serve as a model to our clients to gain hands-on experience with the Passive House concept. The solar and photovoltaic systems planned for the house will allow the home to attain the status of a Net Zero Energy Home.
Promoting and bringing the Passive House standards to the mainstream will help to create environmentally responsible residences and commercial buildings for future generations.




Peter is registered professional engineer currently pursuing his MBA at UC Davis.  He is part of the UC Davis Board fellowship and has been on the passive house board as a non-voting member for the last year.  During this time, he has actively worked within member communications helping compile the monthly newsletter and supporting the numerous events that PCHA hosts every year. Additionally, he has worked with the board to track income and expense to ensure the long-term solvency of the organization. This has been a wonderful experience that he hopes to continue.

Peter is seeking the join the board officially to continue to actively support the Passive House of California mission to educate the public about passive house building standards encouraging efficient use resources. His background in engineering and energy development have given him the knowledge to see the passive house building standards as a path toward net zero future as well the need to drive to push for a more widespread adoption. He hopes to continue supporting both the PHCA community and the board in working toward a sustainable future.