2018 Board of Directors Candidate Statements

The following Candidate Statements have been received for consideration as PHCA Board members for the 2018-2019 term:



I have been in the building trades for over 30 years and have owned a design/build construction company since 2001 (I became the majority owner in 2006). For over 10 years we have specialized in extremely progressive building practices. We have built two certified Passive House projects and many others using the underlying building methodology. For the last several years I have worked for PHCA on a volunteer basis and have donated the paid time of several of my employees to work on PHCA projects. I am extremely committed to reaching the point where my company only builds projects up to the Passive House level of performance. I also feel a strong personal commitment to spreading the implementation of very energy efficient construction practices.








A few years ago, I left a successful career of over 10 years as business and IT consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

For the next few years I managed my own art gallery & store and served at the local Chamber ofCommerce as a board member representing small businesses. I also served on the Board of the South Bay Contemporary as Treasurer.
After some soul searching I decided to pursue a career in energy efficiency and healthy buildings. I
retooled myself and studied building science, became a Title 24 Energy Consultant and got a few
certifications on the way (LEED AP Homes, BD+C, WELL AP).
For a while I worked for a big architecture firm in Los Angeles mostly managing LEED and WELL
certifications on commercial projects. I couldn’t work on truly energy efficient measures and I realized
that I am more interested in the residential market; I decided to create my own destiny and partner
with other like-minded individuals and firms.
After starting my company, PV Blue, offering Title 24 energy compliance reporting I discovered the
Passive House Standard (thanks to Xavier) and became a CPHC earlier this year.
I am especially interested in EnerPhit step-by-step retrofits. I am using my own 1948 Ranch house to
prepare a EnerPHit Retrofit plan and execute the first retrofit step to get pre-certified. My goal is to
use this project to promote EnerPhit step-by-step and educate the industry, including utilities,
municipalities and everybody who is interested in this approach to building renovation. EnerPHit and
EnerPHit step-by-step should become THE standard for building retrofits!
I am already communicating with one of our Utilities (Edison) on possibly using our project as a case
study for some outreach efforts.
I graduated with a master’s degree in Business and Information Technology from University of
Stuttgart, Germany and came to the U.S. in 1998. I live just south of Los Angeles in Rolling Hills on
the Palos Verdes Peninsula with my husband and our two pugs.
I would be honored to serve on the California Passive House Board and promote the Passive House
Standard in Southern California and beyond.
You can find more information about me on my two websites:
Building blocks: A degree from UCLA Business School, graduate studies at Fuller Seminary, five years in the US Air Force (Instructor Pilot), and employment at Xerox Corp., then Tratec Inc. Business experience: With over 40 years of experience as a marketing and sales consultant, I have held executive level positions in manufacturing, consulting services, and real estate development. In 1980, I founded Con-Com-T, Inc. (CCT), a consulting firm focused on sales, marketing, conceptual communications, and training. Through CCT I had the opportunity to work with Herman Miller, Hewlett Packard, InFocus and other leading companies. In the building products and home improvement industries, my clients have included Louisiana Pacific, AMI, Progressive Foam, Milgard, Simonton, and Window World Inc. New priorities: Recognizing the importance and urgency of action on climate change, in 2008, I narrowed my consulting focus to the emerging building performance industry and the task of making our new and existing buildings more energy efficient. Since 2008, I have been training contractors to help them gain the knowledge and skills needed to find and win opportunities to make homes and other buildings more efficient, comfortable, healthy, and environmentally responsible. I have worked directly with the California Building Performance Contractors Association, Energy Upgrade California, Build it Green, the Community Home Energy Retrofit Project and several other efficiency related organizations from California and across the US. As a founding member of Efficiency First, I went to DC and lobbied (unsuccessfully) for the HomeStar Act. Over the last several years I have developed and presented workshops at several regional and national green related conferences, including the ACI (now the Home Performance Coalition). In the spring of 2017, I had the opportunity to organize and facilitate a panel on Passive Design for the “Dwell on Design” conference in Los Angeles. I became aware of Passive House in 2012 through a local contractor, committed to building high performing homes. Since then I have been increasingly active with PHCA and, since mid 2016, served on the organizing committee for NAPHN 17. Motivation: I am particularly excited about the possibility of joining the PHCA board at this time. Although I am not a Certified Passive House Consultant/Designer, I view my business experience and different perspective as added value. The next two years will be a dynamic and critically important time for PHCA and for the NAPHN. The recent recognition of Passive House protocols by the UN, the requirement for Net Zero new construction, the shift to time-of-use billing, and the evolution of the NAPHN will all create opportunities and issues for PHCA. I look forward to being a part of the board during this exciting time. Personal: I moved to Carmel in 1990 to assist with the creation of the Santa Lucia Preserve. I have served on the boards of the Carmel Valley Chamber and Hospice Foundation. My wife and I are blessed with two boys and four grandchildren in the Bay area, two rescue dogs, and the occasional cat.
Participating on the Board of the Passive House California would be an honor and I would engage with the board in a positive, constructive manner. In the past I have participated in other boards, steered committees and am a leader within the offices of Johnson Fain as well as within the professional community. These experiences have prepared me in a way that I can become an asset to the current board as well as bring additional, fresh perspectives to the Passive House Board. I was part of the Greenbuild 2016 steering committee where we assisted USGBC national with hosting the conference called Greenbuild in Los Angeles, CA. I am currently an active member of the AIA committee on the Environment and I also am steering the development of the Sustainability and Resilience lab at Johnson Fain. I currently hold a LEED Building Design and Construction credential and am looking to expand that in 2018 with WELL certification and becoming a Passive House professional. Being on the board of the PHCA is exciting for me because there are many aspects of the design of a passive house that are appropriate for large scale developments and bettering the building stock in the United States. As an architect that is practicing large scale developments I believe I can extend the knowledge of the PHCA to a large audience as well as help formulate how it becomes more integrated into our current building trade. Please consider this application for the board and contact me with any questions or additional information that is needed.