About Elections

Passive House California (PHCA) is currently guided by a eight-seat board of directors. (Our by-laws allow for five to nine board members.) Terms for some of the directors will be complete on December 31; annual elections, open to current PHCA Members in good standing, are now slated for December to fill the open seats. Meet the candidates at the December 3rd AGM & Holiday Party meeting.

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Nomination and Election Timeline

  • November 17 – Election & candidacy nomination information posted
  • December 2, midnight (Saturday) – Nominee Applications due
  • December 5 – Candidacy statements (relevant sections of nominee applications) posted to PHCA website for public review
  • December 6-17 – Elections open (current PHCA Members will be emailed private link to online election form)
  • December 24, midnight – Elections close
  • December 27 – Election results announced
  • January 1, 2018 – 2017 board term begins
  • January 13 & 14 - Board Retreat & Orientation, Los Angeles (mandatory for all new Board members) 


The two-year terms of the following board members are ending December 31st, 2017:    

  • Lizzie Adams, CPHD
  • Bronwyn Barry, CPHD
  • Brian Rubin, CPHD
  • Jane Melia

Nick Young, CPHD and Peter Calvin have resigned due to work commitments.  

The following board members are half-way through their term and remain on the board until December 31st, 2018:

  • Xavier Guacher, CPHD
  • Christian Kienapfel, CPHD

Bronwyn Barry will remain on the Board in a temporary capacity to ensure a smooth transition to the new adminstrators.

--> Candidate Eligibility Criteria
--> Board of Directors Commitment Statement

2018 Board of Directors Seats

·       The number of board members will be five, minimum, nine maximum. 

·       Seven of the seats are open for voting by PHCA Members in this election cycle.

·       There is no limit to the number of eligible candidates that may nominate themselves for a seat.

·       The newly elected board will designate officers or other board roles amongst themselves. Board terms are two years.

·       A majority of the board must be Certified Passive House Designers & Consultants (CPHDs). In the event election results yield four or fewer CPHDs, the next CPHD(s) with the largest number of votes will replace the non-CPHD candidate(s) with the lowest number of votes until a CPHD majority is attained.

·       No more than one employee from the same firm or company may serve on the Board simultaneously.