CLAM Blue2 Tour 2 - See the Machine: Friday & Saturday, May 21 & 22

5 1/2 light bulbs (550 watts) is what it takes to heat the new Blue2 house during the coldest day of the year.

CLAM's Blue2 is designed to be the first new certified Passive House in California, an affordable, energy efficient, low carbon house with superior health and comfort. Blue2 is now under construction. Over 140 people came to Tour 1 to see how a Passive House is insulated--now we’re ready for Tour 2!

Tour 2: See the Machine

See the integrated solar and heat recovery ventilator (HRV) mechanical system. The solar hot water system supplies 80% or more of the space and water heating requirements.

  • Friday, 5/21 12:00-1:00PM and 4:00-5:00PM
  • Saturday, 5/22 10:00-11:00AM and 12:00-1:00PM

Reservations and Notification

Space is limited. Please sign up at . We are requesting a $10 donation to the project, and no one will be turned away (for scholarship contact CLAM at 415.663.1005,

NOTE: This is a home and construction site. No random visits. Please respect the established tour times and dates.


Address will be available when you register at

--> View flyer for full information

Tour 3: See the House

If you are interested in how incredible it feels to live here once the house is complete, sign up for this tour. (June, dates TBD)


anyone interested in carpooling? I am registered for the 12pm session on Friday, today, 5/21 at 12pm. Could meet up people in the southbay, peninsula or Golden Gate Park. call or text me:

Uwe Heine
cell: 408-455-2156

I would like to sign up for a tour for the passive house.

Hi April- we'll be posting a newsletter very soon about the 3rd and final CLAM Blue2 tour, which will be the finished product! It will be Monday, July 5, midday. As long as you're subscribed to the newsletter (go to your account area if you're unsure), you'll get the details.